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In some reported circumstances, Mark has tried to claim some sort of collaboration with the inventor in developing the invention to explain why things may not 'appear' honest to some who question. Here's an email to stop that claim. This first email was sent to the inventor after Mark had an email conversation with one of his colleagues about the invention. He included a quote from his colleague.

This was received by the inventor from Mark's colleague, Roger Brown.

The date on these emails shows that Mark was shown before any agreement was signed.There is far more proof of inventorship but that really isn't needed here. Mark asked the inventor to mail all prototypes and materials while building the prototypes to him. Like these pictures below:

Luckily the inventor has everything in her possession, including videos and only shared via email.

The licensing agreement which states:

1. The PPA will be filed within 60 days of signature.- not honored, but placed in an online contest unprotected.
2. The PPA will be filed in the name of the inventor.- not honored.
3. The addendum due to inventor needing to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours helping Mark's company bring it to market- not honored.
4. The agreement states he will provide a statement. In the SKYPE conversation Mark states the inventor must now ask for one.- not honored.

What next?

We have emails but the owners have asked they not be published because they feel ANY connection with Mark may damage their business. However, we have permission to use them in a legal situation.

Mark tells inventors that companies pull this type of thing all the time. They bank on the probability that the inventor cannot afford to take the scamming company to court.

We believe, from speaking with other inventors who have had dealings with Mark, it's only a matter of time before more inventors aren't afraid to come forward.

Like with this inventor, it appears that Mark may insist on helping inventors and is extremely pushy in securing himself with the inventor by performing work for the inventor even when asked not to and refuses payment from the inventor for the unwanted work performed. This all starts from showing him an invention for feedback!
For inventors with products ready for market, he may offer packaging design help(seems to be his favorite thing) to get inventors in his door with their products, then may offer them more services once he has their attention and trust.

We're being approached by more and more inventors and finding it difficult to find a female inventor who has NOT been approached by Mark insisting they accept his help. Some, who show no interest, say they were left feeling belittled and insulted. Others have been openly attacked through forums, blogs and facebook posts and are afraid to come forward.

There are things we have knowledge of but belong more in court than in this post, so we'll leave those claims alone. We also have emails from respected people in the industry which we will provide in court, if needed.

Mark has tried to become a co-inventor on other inventors as well and there are others with first hand knowledge of what Mark does and want to ignore it because they are not at risk and advise others to simply ignore what he says when he publicly attacks them or their business. Others have seen how vicious he can be on public forums and fear it ever being directed at them.

With the inventor confronting Mark about unethical business transactions and having the documents to prove it, he quickly began writing in public forums, calling names. Typical bully style behavior. He enjoys writing emails like this one below. We're only posting what Mark wrote, not what was responded back to him... 

From: Mark Reyland <>
Subject: RE: Hey...what's up with you
To: "'Kathleen Patrick-Partak'" <>
Date: Sunday, July 25, 2010, 4:28 PM
Please…..So all the things I did to help you, and all the time I spent can be simply boiled down to a few posts you don’t like on a forum and some crazy stories you were told by an unstable lady in Canada….pathetic. Maybe you should quit judging me Kathy….and if you absolutely feel the need to judge me, at least use all the data you have to work with.
As for the idea…absolutely, After many ideas that made no sense, Tania called and asked me what I thought about this idea. I said I thought it was a great idea…. And it was simple enough to use as a teaching tool for someone who knew nothing at all about the product development process. So I made her go through all the steps…..she made prototypes in her kitchen as an exercise in how to make prototypes, but not the ones that were used for production. I had to make those since they were far too complicated for her to make…I sent her the pictures as I did it….ask her, the same was true for all the parts of the process. Why she was learning them we were doing them for the actual parts. She knew this at the time, and she knows it now – but she doesn’t want to admit it. Ask her why she never sent her prototype to anyone?....ask her who developed the font for the name, and the size of the product, and who selected the metal and the outer material? – I have EVERY email Kathy, and although I don’t need to explain it to you or anyone else – I feel just fine that I treated Tania very well.
I never said I hoped to license anything…I said I would license it from her so I could justify investing my companies money on it…. I can’t just spend money without a return on the investment….It doesn’t work that way.
I have no idea what’s going on with you, and I have no idea why I have become the focus of how you define negativity, what I do know is that when you needed help I was there, when Tania, and Sally, and hundreds of others needed help I was there….I never asked for anything in return, and I gladly spent my money, my time, my connections, and my intellect trying to make your projects happen.
I feel fine about how I acted Kathy.
I’m sorry you and Dave are having such a hard time, under any other circumstances I would offer whatever help I could give – but frankly you sound almost as off base as Tania so I think the best move on my part is to stay as far away from you all as possible.
I would only ask that when you talk about me Kathy you use those things you know from your own experiences, and not the fabrications of your friends.
Good luck to you - Mark


And why would Mark even write this next email?

From: Mark Reyland <>
Subject: RE: Hey...what's up with you
To: "'Kathleen Patrick-Partak'" <>
Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010, 6:32 PM
Hi Kathy,
I suspected this had something to do with Tania – You are of course free to believe whatever you like, but frankly you never struck me as the kind of person who judged people on one side of the story. I did as much as I could to help her, and you know I did. In the end it was Tania who turned on us, calling me a crook and filing complaints with the patent office on my partner. She flat out LIED to them, and for her to say she developed Ba’Noodles without my help is another flat out lie. She had an idea, a good idea and I taught her the rest.
She turned into a nut case when her head got too big and when she started believing the crap I arranged for people to tell her about what a great inventor she was. That’s what I do Kathy – I help moms like her who have ZERO shot at anything really special happening in their lives and I pull the strings so they can be proud of themselves. Instead of being appreciative she turned on me like a pit-bull and started making major legal trouble for my partner by telling lies that fit into her fantasy.
Maybe you should use your own experiences with me to form your opinions Kathy – instead of taking the twisted second hand story Tania is peddling to make herself look like a victim.
I sleep well at night knowing I did everything I could to help her. It was ME who got her on that show, she was selected before she was even invited to California, it was all scripted but I didn’t want her to know that (ask her why the camera followed her from the moment she walked in the door, or why out of all those people she was last to be seen after they had sent most of the other home) – it was ME who MADE Sullivan pay for her trip to Florida and her Son – it was ME who had Anthony make a big deal out of her on the set of the commercial….it was ME who spent 40K on tooling and development for the Ba’Noodles, it was ME who sold my soul to Sullivan in a crappy deal to make sure that product made it to the market, It was ME who worked for hours in my shop making the prototypes that had to be sent to china, it was ME who spent hundreds of hours on the phone with her teaching her the art of development, it was ME who made her other prototypes, it was ME who made Sally’s prototypes and got the buyer at Pier one to look at them, it was ME who made sure Sullivan had a huge Swag-Bag of gifts for Tania when she was on the set, it was ME who rented a car because she was scared to drive……and my big mistake – it was ME who made everyone believe she was the real inventor of Ba’Noodles. Ask her the dimensions Kathy, or what material they are made of, ask her who decided on the sizes, and the styles, and the text, and the final look….ask her how wide one is….she had an IDEA – that’s it.
I think you get the point Kathy – You are so much smarter than this….
Good luck to you and Dave – your judgment of me is saddening
Here's a taste of his anger to another inventor so you can understand why nobody wants to be on the receiving end of this. Mark has publicly harassed more than a few people to have them quickly disappear and continues to find others to harrass with his new title backing him as , using "we" and his email which holds his new title, implying he has backing for his bullying.

...And should anyone really be this angry?
Mark Reyland wrote:Hey, Baby Bottle Boy...

you could be one of the stupidest people on the planet. No, Really – You have you been standing behind the dumbest product known to man for 10 years now…but deep down inside you already knew that didn’t you Phill? ….everyone else did I assure you.

You are the court jester of ISpot, the one who wants to be taken seriously but everyone knows they keep you around just for laughs…simply to see what stupid dribble spills from your mouth next. It’s not all bad, think of yourself as the Bob Hope of this forum Phill…. entertaining through ignorance.

In all seriousness, you need to get some help, and I can’t be the first one to tell you that…..

Michelle – Stephen is right, you are so paranoid and scared of losing your place in the inventor community you would rather build a fence around this rag-tag group of “Inventors” and die a slow lonely death than join the community and become a productive part to help turn this industry into something we can all be proud of. Sad really, you are supposed to have the brain here, but you are no better than Baby Bottle Boy….. we expect him to be stupid.

Let me know if any of us outside the wall can help your folks in any way… are always welcome where we are, even if you choose not to welcome others in the community.


This is the kind of thing he sends forum moderators when the nasty side of him is confronted.

This is from Inventor Spot after someone tried to expose him for what he has done. The moderator posted it for all to read:

Mark Reyland wrote:Scrupulous,

Please remove the things Gizmo is posting about me.

We are in the process of litigation against him and the more you allow him to post here the less we can keep from getting this site involved.

What Gizmo is posting is a lie - I have never done the things he is talking about, and he has no first hand knowlage of the facts. He knows what he is saying is false and is only saying it to damage my reputation.

We have made PDF copies of all these posts - please don't put yourself in the middle of these legal issues because you chose to provide him with a platform to slander people.

I appreciate your help in this


Mark Reyland

Again- there is no litigation against anyone.

When Mark cannot get the response he seeks, he has created new charactors in forums and fake avatars to manipulate people. He also seems to target mostly women and identifies with himself as super charming.

Given that Mark Reyland asked for someone to post this evidence for him, I see no reason why it shouldn't be posted. He challenges people to post complaints then writes to the admins on forums and scares them into removing them. Hense, you will never see an inventor complain, no matter how much he asks unhappy inventors to come forward. 

Here's one post on a forum with Mark under another 'pen name'. Unfortunately he believes inventors are so stupid that they can't figure out a simple IP address number. Anyone who knows him has heard how he calls everyone crazy or stupid. It's only a matter of time before YOU are put on the crazy or stupid list, as it grows rapidly. He moves from friend to friend quickly as his true personality is uncovered.
Below is where he gets caught in one forum. The red flags were going off when Mark wouldn't leave another female inventor alone and was posing as another personality so he could continue speaking with her. He was first caught when he signed into blogger leaving a comment on her blog as Johnny Gee, from Texas, but didn't realized he was signed into blogger as Mark T Reyland, from Ohio! So Johnny's comments were left with Mark's avatar and name beside it! He still denied being Mark and claimed to be confused by what happened.

The inventor, named in this blog, now has an anonymous stalker who threatens to continue harassing her until she removes all postings about Mark and disappears. We have a good guess on who it is given past performances.
Here's what was written when they caught Mark reyland the first time...

"I traced Johnny’s IP address back to one of two that Mark Reyland uses. They are definitely from Ohio and no where near Texas. It is pretty undeniable. If it is not Mark then be mad at Johnny for framing Mark :)"

Since being caught, Mark found a proxy server useful and we still believe he has multiple accounts on many forums due to his past behavior and his writing style. He's may even have a friend helping him. He stalks while another emails. either way, it's only a matter of time before he's caught again.

Below is where he asks for any proof anyone has against him. We were happy to help him out.
markreyland's Avatar
Mark Reyland

Look “Dev” obviously you are not really who you say you are….so right off the bat you have some hidden agenda or an ax to grind.
I don’t have an inventing company – and I didn’t scam anyone, not your family member or anyone else. I help inventors by educating them, I don’t charge them, and I don’t take their IP – It’s that simple.
If you have information involving me where you can show that I have scammed an inventor PLEASE let’s hear it – otherwise quit insinuating things you clearly know nothing about.
As for what Sarah is talking about – you have a huge chance of getting scammed with a system like Quirky where right off the bat just posting you idea may be considered public disclosure. Hundreds of people look at the idea and you don’t think someone is going to knock it off? ….please be real.
Does anyone really think Quirky can develop a product and launch it in 24 hours?
I’m sorry if you feel like your family member got scammed “dev” – but I didn’t do it.

There is only so much even an educated inventor can protect themselves from when they're against any con-artist. That's how they get that title. These people may even make a point of selecting a few to actually help in order to keep their true motive hidden, like most abusers.
You can read more about Mark here

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