I printed this and noticed you listed me as an inventor. Is it possible to remove my name from the application?


Given the conversation leading up the discovery of Mark's name on the PPA, the inventor felt this was no mistake.
Here's the conversation via SKYPE, which followed. There are words highlighted which will be commented on below this discussion:
[02/04/2010 12:44:57 PM] Mark T. Reyland: I talked to Mark and he said he put my name on teh patent app incase something went south in teh deal ....he is a lwayer ya know.....anyway - I said I didn;t care about that and asked him to remove my name from teh application.
[02/04/2010 12:45:34 PM] Tania Reynaert: crooks
[02/04/2010 12:45:46 PM] Mark T. Reyland: did you just call em a crook?

[02/04/2010 12:45:48 PM] Tania Reynaert: so he knowingly lied
[02/04/2010 12:46:10 PM] Mark T. Reyland: lied about what
[02/04/2010 12:46:38 PM] Tania Reynaert: he put your name in the inventor area knowing you were not the inventor
[02/04/2010 12:46:48 PM] Tania Reynaert: he even explained to you WHY he did it
[02/04/2010 12:47:33 PM] Mark T. Reyland: HE did it...not me....
[02/04/2010 12:47:43 PM] Mark T. Reyland: did you call me a crook?
[02/04/2010 12:48:14 PM] Tania Reynaert: you are the company MArk
[02/04/2010 12:50:45 PM] Mark T. Reyland: That's it - I have tried to be understanding - but I'm done. I'm not
a crook and no one has ever called me that before. We have a contract that's it. If you want to sign the addendum the way it is fine, we will pay you 30% on what (re-license) pays us - if not it stays teh way it is in the license deal. The PPA stays teh way it is - end of story. You want to act like an emotional little inventor then I have to treat you like one.

[02/04/2010 12:52:43 PM] Mark T. Reyland: From this point on it's just business - we will send you a royalty check when (relicense) sends us one, if you want a report ask for it. Other than that I would caution you not to get into the middle of teh contracts between us and (re-license) - I can have Mark send you a letter to that effect if you like.
[02/04/2010 12:53:02 PM] Tania Reynaert: Please do

[02/04/2010 12:54:53 PM] Mark T. Reyland: I'm done playing these games with you Tania. Per our contract you have no rights to use teh Banoodle name or product without our consent. Please don;tr do anything to harm teh brand, or defame myself or Obvious Ideas - or we will take legal action against you.
[02/04/2010 12:55:32 PM] Mark T. Reyland: If you have any questions from this point on please refer them to Mark. and refrain from contacting me directly.

[02/04/2010 1:00:53 PM] Tania Reynaert: MArk...are you kidding me?
[02/04/2010 1:01:18 PM] Tania Reynaert: you sent me a legal document with your name on it. tell me your partner did it without your knowledge
[02/04/2010 1:01:25 PM] Tania Reynaert: then say he did it to protect you
[02/04/2010 1:01:31 PM] Tania Reynaert: then say it means nothng!
[02/04/2010 1:01:58 PM] Tania Reynaert: you were my mentor and I trusted you to protect did not
[02/04/2010 1:02:18 PM] Mark T. Reyland: Litsen if you have a business question or a legal question please email Mark - I'm not letting you drag me into this childish game.

[02/04/2010 1:03:45 PM] Mark T. Reyland: You are not this stupid - the doicument will never award - it's just an application - Mark wrote it and filed it, I saw it for teh first time 5 min before you did...I asked him why he did it and he told me....that's alll, Elvis is still dead and JFK was not shot with a magic bullet
[02/04/2010 1:03:52 PM] Mark T. Reyland: stop already.....
[02/04/2010 1:05:45 PM] Mark T. Reyland: The only reason I had him file it in the first place was because I thought you would like having it....that's it...his time and 100 bucks....for your walll....we knew from teh start it was you really think having my name on it matters????really?????

Here's a screen shot we asked for. Some were having trouble believing Mark has such spelling issues...

At the end of this entry you'll see a post written by Mark on a public forum demanding the inventor was told many times why he was added to the PPA, yet in the above Skype message, he just found out about it all himself.The letter Mark threatened with was requested but never received but after notifying Mark's legal partner, the inventor received this.

From: <>
Received: Monday, November 15, 2010, 9:44 PM

Dear Ms. Reynaert:
I am sorry Mr. Reyland had you contact me. I am no longer a member of Obvious Ideas and no longer involved in the Ba'Noodles in any way. I suggest that you send all further Emails to him.
Very truly yours,
lawyer/ partners name removed


The addendum was signed but never counter-signed. The inventor put in thousands of dollars of their own money to help bring the product to market as well as hundreds of hours. The 30% was never asked for, but offered by Mark and the inventor accepted.
Mark had also asked the inventor if she would go out on her own or continue with him on future inventions. He even offered to bypass his partners. Once he was told she would be going forward on her own this was the reply to the signed addendum.

[04/04/2010 7:59:07 AM] Mark T. Reyland: I will send it over to my partners and see where we are in terms of your latest developments - I'll let you know sometime this week.


Here's the forum post which doesn't fit the email asking to be removed from the application. The following link has since been deleted from Edison Nation, but we have all the good stuff filed away:
Mark Reyland

I’ll go one better Roger – I had an inventor file a grievance with the USPTO on a patent attorney friend of mine because they simply didn’t understand the patent law and the reasons he filed what he filed on their behalf.
I’ve know this man for many years, and he is a good honest and upright guy – there is no way he would have ever filed something that was not in the best interest of the inventor – and in fact, he didn’t. He was trying to protect their rights and they were trying to protect their ego. No matter how many times they were told and even shown the patent law, they refused to believe it and their emotion (and likely that of some misguided advisers) got them all fired up and they went off the deep end.
What they didn’t take the time to think about is that in addition to the black mark on his professional record for the rest of his career, he could be disbarred for not notifying them in writing. Although he told them (and they fully agree they were told) the law requires that it be sent in writing and he simply forgot. And yes, in some cases that simple mistake can get an attorney disbarred.
This is a classic example of an inventor thinking they know what they are talking about when they really don’t. Emotion drove them to do anything it took to try and prove themselves right, even if the result is someone looses their livelihood and his ability to support his family.
For many inventors this is a hobby, it’s a dream they work on part time. But for the professionals they have to deal with it’s how we feed our families – when you can lose your job, your house, or your family because you tried to help an unstable inventor who all of a sudden goes rouge – that’s a pretty scary thing.
I can tell you these situations make all of us think twice about helping any inventor because you just don’t know how they will act or react to something they don’t understand.

We're not sure what the highlighted part means given we're unable to find any of Mark's products in retail and with him spending countless hours helping inventors for free. What we are sure of is that these inventors who he approaches are hoping to feed THEIR families with their inventions. In our opinion, Mark Reyland is not an inventor of any sort. Making money from stealing inventors' IP is shameful and stealing hope from people is criminal.

Has anyone even researched his Biography and resume?? He was known to tell people that nobody ever does. I guess this is the one thing he was right about.