Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reyland Steals Invention as Exec. Director of United Inventor's Association Of America??

Just when we thought it was over. Inventor receives rights back from Reyland to this? Has Reyland set up the UIA USA to steal this invention now?! Did he arrange for the new company he's with, UIA USA, to steal on his behalf?
Is it possible for every single board member to be a part of this theft? This isn't a very ethical thing to have hanging over any invention company's head. This is beyond amazing! Trust the UIA USA? Not in this lifetime if this is what it appears to be.
We highly suggest the rest the companies involved in the UIA clear this up. What do YOU make of this below? For the record. This is NOT a UIA asset and appears to be stolen by the UIAUSA and listed as a company asset. Is your invention next?


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